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Sweet, Pink Baby Girl

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Here’s a sweet newborn I had the privilege of photographing just before Christmas. She is just so sweet, cuddly, alert and pink!

{Sleep, baby sleep. I love being a photographer!! Thanks H. fam!}

Christmas Day

Thursday, December 27th, 2007
My oldest DD is 5, and was just thrilled to wake up Christmas morning. She woke up at 7:30 a.m. (Santa & Mrs. C went to sleep just three hours before) and for the first year ever, I was one of those mean old parents who in a groggy, sleep-deprived state of being, asked her if she could go back to bed for a while to let us have a chance to wake up. She was patient for about 15 minutes, but soon little sis. and “the buddy” awoke . . and eventually Mom & Dad just had to get it together and join in the fun.

{Santa was here, and left a little webkinz friend.}

{white Christmas}

{the beginnings of a great photographer…}

{catchin’ up on some zzzzzzz’s . . . I wish I could get in a good nap!}

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Snow. Blowing Sideways. Cold outside. Cozy inside. Dinner. Family. Peppermint Pig. Singing songs. Guitar playing. Fondue. Games. The Santa Clause. Santa baiting. Gift wrapping. Gift Assembling. Stocking stuffing. Not much sleeping. Lots of Anticipation.

Christmas Nativity & the Card

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Here’s our Christmas card that didn’t make it out on time, but is forthcoming (we encountered some unexpected printing delays).

{Shortly after a frustrating phone conversation with my printing company, I received another call from a marketing rep from this same company requesting permission to use this card as a sample at their tradeshows- 20+ shows this year alone. I was quite flattered that they noticed my card out of the thousands they print . . . and they did correct the printing mishap, so my new cards are on their way.}

We had a wonderful holiday- we kept things pretty low key and I like it that way. This morning I am experiencing day two of my Christmsas recovery. The process includes catching up a little on some zzzzzz’s, wading through new toys scattered about as I head to the kitchen to polish off the remaining morsels of homemade goodies, trying to forget how much $$ left our bank accounts in such a short time, and now repeatedly reviewing fun photos that will soon be the main source of our holiday memories.

First I will take to you the first day of Christmas: (dinner, a cousins’ gift exchange and a nativity acted out by the cousins). Here’s a glimpse:


Episode ONE of Brown, Pink & Grey

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Three sessions today . . . going backwards, we’ll start with “Brown” (based on what they’re wearing). These kids should be familiar faces by now if you have followed my blog or the website. They are growing up so fast and I just love what we captured in a quick session today.

{Where’d the doggy go?}

{He’s just thinking about it . . .}

{Isn’t she dazzling?}

{Killer good looks. Can you believe those curls?}

{I’m loving the catchlights here. He’s got such beautiful eyes!}


{My favorite! Catch me if you can!}

T’is the Season

Friday, December 21st, 2007
. . . and we are not quite ready for Christmas, but that’s okay. This has been our busiest season yet as far as photos and cards go. We’re officially done taking orders for Christmas cards (and our family cards are finally off to print!) I am now taking a few moments to enjoy the beauty of the season too. You may notice the new blog header (with snow-t-rex and snow-baby . . . we had a blast playing in the snow last week!)
I’m still trying to meet my goal of 100 posts before the end of the year. I thought I would add some photos from the past week of interesting textures, colors and elves. :)

{Have you ever seen such darling elves? S. did a great job in her program . . . she didn’t have a problem finding me in the audience . . . I was the mom with the huge lens in front of her face.}

{Mr. Snow Rex survived the night despite severe cracking at the base of his tail. He actually lasted nearly a week before he toppled over!}

{“Mom! Come see the train!”}

{Innocent baby brother}

{“Don’t ruin my train!!” ~ A. attempts to thwart M’s efforts to displace her toy arrangement.}

One quick story: A couple of days ago we decided to pick up some fast food for dinner at Burger King. Usually DH drives and I distribute food to the family from the passenger seat. For some reason, I was in the driver’s seat this night. I snacked on french fries while K. proceeded to pass food to the kids and to eat his Whopper and such. He complained several times that his burger didnt’ didn’t taste right, like it had some weird sauce on it . . . or something. Perhaps it tasted weird because he had a cold? He finished it off and then looked through the paper sack again. To his surprise, he found an extra burger. I said, “No, that one is my garden burger.” (I am a vegetarian and have been since I was about 3 years old). Then at the same time we both burst out in laughter, as we realized he had eaten my veggie burger (all the while thinking it was a whopper-gone-bad.). So I ate his whopper (minus the meat patty) and he thinks we’re even now. (If you count eating a veggie burger as punishment enough for eating someone else’s dinner!) :)

Thursday Givaway- Lollipop Template

Friday, December 21st, 2007
Yes Folks, it is true. I have not kept up with my Thursday givaway the past two Thursdays. Trust me, I didn’t forget . . . I have just been SO busy, it just didn’t make the top of the list. To make up for it, I have added a fun quick page 12×12 template for your personal use. It is really cute {I must say} and easy to use with “clipping masks” in PS or “group with previous” in PSE. Please don’t share the files, but feel free to send friends here to download. This offer will self-destruct in 7 days or after 100 downloads. Enjoy!

Download here: Studiocharm Lollipop Template

{See, I told you it was cute!}

{My Lollipop Kids at one of those bouncing places. I even went down the big, scary slide several times. It was a lot of fun!}

{kid collision!}

What a Feeling!!

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

My baby (well, younger) brother graduated from college yesterday. We attended his graduation and of course my camera was there to capture the action. This was definitely the most exciting moment of the day:

{You can just see how the weight lifted off his shoulders has affected him!}

{Here’s M. and his lovely wife D. If you are wondering about the hard-hat, well that was the grand prize for graduates in construction management. She might need it to protect her head if flying, pointy-edged caps happen to rain down.}

These two are moving back east in a couple of weeks. We are surely going to miss having them within an hour distance . . . they are the type of people you just never get enough of. We stayed at their house yesterday for a few hours- Uncle M. built a fort-tunnel out of couch cushions for the girls (and their dog Merlin) to sneak through.

There was much laughter and squealing on the part of baby M. any time Merlin the dog would come running ready to lavish on his friendly dog-kisses. This was M’s first real hands-on (whisker pulling out) encounter with a dog. He was enamored!

Three Little Ladies in Red Peacoats

Saturday, December 8th, 2007

I’ve been so anxious to post these photos from a session this week! I’ve had the privelege of photographing these little girls on many occasions . . . the first time was when the twins (now toddlers) were itty bitty newborns. It has been amazing to see how they have grown up in such a short time, and big sister has really grown into her role too.

So here they are again- in their dazzling Christmas dresses and red peacoats. Enjoy!!

{mesmerizing beauty}

{Just turned . . . one, two . . . three.}

{curiosity mixed with serenity}

{The girls were fascinated with the salt on the steps- placed there to melt the ice or as supplemental minerals for children. :) }

{Sweet smooches.}

{Snatching Mom’s jewelry and trying it on in front of the mirror . . .what a little lady!}

{Lovely family photo next to the cozy fireplace. This was actually one of the first shots of the session, and the girls knew just what to do.}

{I love being a photographer when I feel I blend into the scene and just observe as a fly on the wall. I LOVE to see how families interact and the bonds they share and create. This photo does that for me.}

{Nearly zonked. Toward the end of the session this little one fell asleep in her daddy’s arms}

{Alone time? What is alone time when you’ve got three little kids at home?}
To the D Fam: thanks for a fun session and for trusting my artistic judgement. I am so flattered to see the growing gallery of photography in your home that you have allowed me to be a part of. One of my favorite parts of the whole session was when sweet J. wanted me to hold her. That was great! Your cards will be here Monday . . . I can hardly wait! I am as excited to see them as if they were my own family’s cards. They are going to be gorgeous!!

Beauty All Around Template Givaway

Thursday, December 6th, 2007
Here’s our Thursday Givaway . . . a 12×12 .psd page template by Amy Springer for This page template works the same way that our card templates work- using “group with previous” in PSE or “clipping masks” in PS.Here’s my tutorial.

. . . and a page I created using the template:

Click here to download my Beauty All Around Page Template

Please enjoy this for your personal use. Please don’t share the files- but feel free to send people here to download the template. This template is good for 7 days or up to 100 downloads, whichever comes first. I’d love some feedback on the template if you download.

Thanks & Happy Givaway Thursday!