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Right Back At Ya!

Monday, December 1st, 2008

{this little guy knows who’s boss around here–he’s pointing at his reflection in my lens!}

Thanks people for continuing to check out this often neglected blog. I have about 100 posts lined up in my head–even with photos to illustrate them, but alas, my time is more limited than ever. I consider my blogging time a luxury, which follows family time, church time & work time. Interestingly enough, at the end of the day it comes down to two choices: sleep vs. updating my blog. You can see who the winner in the past couple of months. I feel blessed with friends and family members who have checked in to see how things are going on account of my blog absence. Thank you. I have been more diligent with updating my tilt photography blog, in case you want to see more photo sessions.

As you may have noticed our updated family tree (see previous post). We’re so excited to be expecting a baby in the spring . . . May 7th is the due date. Almost half-way there and ever since Thanksgiving dinner my pregnant shape become more obvious! I guess my sister’s coconut cream pie really did stick to my ribs!

We have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled for next Tuesday. I think I’d be up for a surprise in not finding out the baby’s gender, but DH wants to know. We have our work cut out for us in naming this little one–A’s suggestion was “Crayon” but I’m thinking something else would be more appropriate. (Today she made another crayon comment- asking for the “naked crayon” meaning the red one with out the wrapper. I thought it was quite funny.)

We decorated our Christmas tree tonight, mostly following the lead of the kids who were so excited to pull ornaments out and string beads and hang anything with a string. It is amazing how many ornaments they remember from last year. They are sure growing up!

I hope to add more pictures soon of our latest adventures. Thanks for checking in!!

Thankful for . . .

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Halloween Studio Event- Wednesday!!

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Just in case you have forgotten to check out our Tilt Blog recently . . . our big studio unveiling will happen this Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.— the event goes until 8:00 p.m. It is open house style, so we’re not sure how overwhelmed or underwhelmed with guests we’ll be. The more the merrier! The way we’ve set it up we hope that our guests will move through quickly- and even have a chance to eat some treats along the way. The property next-door is set up as an amazing yard filled with tons of Halloween decor and haunted house, and a 20′ tall godzilla inflatable even guards our studio entrance!! We hope you’ll join us!!!

Click on the invite below for more details!!

Pumpkin Patch

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Get ’em while they’re orange!

We chose THE windiest day to go and find three special pumpkins.

{For A. it was quite easy to choose the perfectly shaped pumpkin. It was just a bit on the heavy side so she required a bit of assistance during the lifting part.}

{phew! Now she won’t blow away since she’s holding that giant pumpkin!}

{M. quickly found one just the right size for him. He kept reminding us that he knew how to say the word “pump-kin”}

{S. took her time, nearly blew away in the wind, searched near, searched far . . . and then we negotiated to settle on one that could be considered “nearly” perfect.}

{this image demonstrates how windy it was, but not how COLD the temperature was. This girl is determined to go with out a jacket most of the time, and she claims she just isn’t cold. She definitely doesn’t have my genes! My extremities are always cold.}

{thank you for joining us on our pumpkin patch adventure!!}

We purchased the three pumpkins for ? cents per pound and got all three for less than $6. I love a great deal! I guess we’d better figure out a time to carve them for Halloween now!!

In the Spotlight

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Just got home from S’s school. Today she was in the spotlight and we were able to prepare a brief presentation all about her to share with the class. The two of us stayed up late last night going through pictures, reminiscing about different activities, discussing favorites, and sharing some sweet mother-daughter time. I love this girl!! A few things we documented about S:

{I’m Daddy’s girl. I was a special birthday present for my Dad.}

{A. is my little sister.}

{M. is my little brother.}

{My Dad is an engineer. My Mom is a photographer and artist.}

{“Andy” is my pet bunny. We let him out in our backyard sometimes.}

{A. has a bird named “Sparky” and he is a cockatiel with rosy cheeks.}

{My favorite foods.}

{I love to find bugs and play with friends.}

{I like to ride my bike with out training wheels and go on hikes.}

{I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe a doctor, or firefighter, or a storekeeper, or maybe a photographer or an artist, or a librarian.}

{My favorite thing about first grade is math and recess. I love my teacher!}

{this one is from Mom. Love you, girl!}

Family Fieldtrip

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Here are some shots from a family outing last week in search of fun, new places to shoot. DH enjoys photography as well, so he is willing to go along with it. Even better, he brings along a second camera and tripod!

I can’t wait to do a session in this place:

{the kids packing our camera gear in the wagon– such good sports!!}

{and a lovely shot of the creek, taken by DH. I love the lighting in this one!}

Little Rascals

Friday, September 19th, 2008

A recent “Little Rascals” shoot was a lot of fun and required collecting some unusual props (see frog comment below). We will offer a “Little Rascals” event in the spring, but in the meanwhile we are offering this style of shoot as a signature collection session through tilt photography.

{Don’t worry, the “one-legged” frog is a fake. No frogs were harmed in the making of this portrait}

Click here to see more Little Rascals pictures by Kimberly & Amy . . .

Introducing . . .

Thursday, September 18th, 2008
fresh perspective.

Meet our brand spanking new photo studio. I have joined forces with the amazingly talented Kimberly Nelson, owner of Picturesque Photography to create our vision of the most awesome photography studio ever. From this point forward, my photography services will be offered through Tilt Photography, and Studiocharm will continue to offer our exclusive storybook canvases, custom cards, etc.

We will continue to provide location photography throughout the Wasatch front with the addition of studio portraiture, in a state-of-the-art studio located in American Fork, Utah. This studio is a dream come true! We are in the final stages of completion, and though we are doing much of the work ourselves (with the loving assistance of our dear husbands) it is progressing at a rapid pace. Our first studio event will be a Halloween shoot on October 29th.

The website will launch shortly and the Tilt blog is up and running. You may contact us at any time to obtain more information on pricing, session availability, etc.

Remember, studiocharm will still exist, but in the upcoming weeks the PHOTO STUDIO portion of the website will connect directly to Tilt Photography. Think of it as a “split personality” website. We hope you’ll still visit us here at the studiocharm blog, and please add the tilt blog to your list of favorites!

A personal side note: Kimberly and I first became acquainted back in junior high. We were teachers in ART & PHOTOGRAPHY. She was assigned to be a student teacher in my classroom, and we immediately bonded. Her help and creativity and awesomeness were so welcome and timely. I was 8 months pregnant with S. and Kimberly following her student teaching assignment she taught my classes for the final 6 weeks of school. Life saver.

I returned for the last few days of school, and then “retired” to a life of leisure . . . and tending to a newborn, and starting a business, and getting my DH through school, then becoming a mother to two more children as part of this crazy life adventure.

Kimberly became a motherl, and all the while has sustained a photography business of her own. She has photographed countless weddings, families, large groups, and seniors throughout Utah County and I am so glad to be sharing this photography dream with her. GO TEAM!

Oh Sweet Sadie, Art & Gift Show

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Alive = check.
Busy = check.
Healthy = check, except for a pesky cold.
Productive = check, well somewhat, and not so much at this time of day!!
Excited = check.

So what is the big deal? Why the lack of posts you may ask? We’ve got so much going on at studiocharm right now it is enough to just shout it from the hill tops. I’ll be doing just that tomorrow (shouting from the Utah County side of Suncrest), at our booth at the Oh Sweet Sadie, Art & Gift Show. Today I was so flattered to be given a terrific shout out on their website . . . it actually gave me butterflies to see my “name in lights” if you will! If you leave a comment there you can win a great prize sponsored by us!!

Better yet, here’s an official invitation to come and visit our booth, see some of our storybook canvases in person, and enter your name in a drawing for a FREE family photo session!!

Additionally, each client who books a fall photo session at the show will receive a voucher for a $50 print credit!!

Hope we see you there! (You can find us in the basement the lovely 6,500 sq. ft. home– around a corner somewhere!)

Couple in the Canyon

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Newlyweds D & J were married back east and I had the opportunity to photograph them before their reception in Utah. We sneaked off into the lush greenery (and weeds) next to the venue in Provo Canyon for some fun couple photos. I discovered that J. had not done a bridal session, so we made sure to get some of the beautiful bride alone. They are such a darling, genuine couple– here are a few of my favorites!

{I think they’re a great match!}

{You may notice her veil going every which way . . . that is because we had such a wind that at one time her veil blew away!! I think it makes for some dramatic images ;)}

{Here’s a little vanilla cream-n-honey action . . . please forgive the photoshop talk}

{One of my most favorites from the session!!}

. . . and with the appropriate walking away image to follow . . .

{D & J– I hope you love the images we captured!! Best of luck to the both of you on your new adventure as husband and wife! You are beautiful!}