All Because Two People Fell In Love . . . No, Really.


This one. This is the one that I get to be with each day. This one became my best friend over 14 years ago. He is my true companion. He loves me, imperfections and all. He has held my hand and shared his love and strength through the deliveries of our five babies and any day now he will once again be my main supporter as we welcome our baby girl into this world. He is one of the most incredibly supportive and encouraging people I know. He loves our children. He loves me. I love this one. I love us. 



Our romantic walk down by the river was actually an action packed, roller-blading, scootering, kid chasing, potentially labor inducing (didn’t quite do the trick) Sunday afternoon family outing. Photos courtesy our oldest child who had great timing and the use of the camera tripod! Wow, I love these little ones too!
Baby update: I had originally hoped the baby would be born yesterday, but then our sweet two year old came down with a fever Friday night and I spent a day snuggling her, caring for her and praying our baby would wait until the “health coast” was clear before she was born. I’m glad she waited, and now I’ve given baby the green light. I admit feeling really sentimental about this pregnancy and loving carrying this precious baby inseparably next to my heart. She is one of our most active in utero, and keeps me amused throughout the day and night with her antics. I have had some amazing experiences during this pregnancy that have given me a tiny glimpse as to how incredible she is. I can hardly wait to see her beautiful face.

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