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This modern style baby quilt came together quite simply! I knew I wanted to use a “soft and comfy dot fabric” from JoAnn’s (AKA pink minky) for the back, so I went through my stash to find the perfectly coordinating piece of fabric for the front center. I spent more time deciding on which pattern to use than I did sewing the strips together thanks to a nice stash of random yards of fabric I have acquired over the years.

Enjoy this basic tutorial explaining how to create a similar quilt:

1. I laid the minky out on the floor- it comes 58″ wide, and I had purchased 1.5 yards (54″ length). I was planning to have the quilt professionally quilted, so I planned for the backing to have an extra 4″ per side for room to maneuver and to have the quilting design go from edge to edge.

2. For the quilt front, I then selected the center piece of fabric and played with different solids/ prints on the edges until I liked the combination. (See layout below) The center piece is 25.5″ length of fabric x width of fabric (42″), flanked on both sides by a polka dot strip and a strip of solid kona cotton. I wanted the quilt to have a modern feel, and remain simple and playful. I chose the kona cotton based on the colors from the center piece. One great thing is that with solids and basic prints this quilt doesn’t have a “top” or “bottom.”

Note: If you choose to have a directional print (with an obvious top), you’ll need to either have it be a wide rectangle or purchase more fabric (42″ in length) if you want it to run vertically as shown on my template, trimming it down to 25.5″ wide.

3. I pieced the front using a 1/2″ seam, it was a cinch with only 5 rows! I used a walking foot (because I have one) but this could be easily sewn with a basic presser foot. I pressed the seams open on the wrong side of the fabric,  then trimmed the quilt to square up the sides. Most quilting cottons vary slightly on width so I found one side was aligned but the other was a little uneven. I wanted to keep the quilt with square proportions, so I kept this in mind while trimming.4. Then my ultra quick modern baby quilt was ready to be quilted. I wanted it to be extra cuddly so I added a layer of batting between the minky and front of the quilt. My favorite machine quilter Melissa did an amazing job on the quilting, with freehand scallops and pebbles in for the center, a figure 8 (or modern twist) for the polka dots and a computerized quilting pattern “Emily” on the the floral strips using white thread. The quilting design really adds to this simple front. It was an effective way to really personalize the quilt and a little more of a feminine touch to the basic, modern prints.

5. With the layers quilted together, I did a final trim, resulting in a 42″x42″ quilt. I used a round bowl as a template to round the corners, tracing with chalk first and then cutting with scissors. I love rounded corners!!

6. I opted for a white bias binding to balance out the bold color and to echo the stripes on the fabric print. I machine sewed the binding to the pink (backing) of the quilt and hand stitched it to the front side using an invisible ladder stitch. (Here’s a great tutorial I found a while back that taught me this technique). I loved binding this quilt in the late evening while enjoying some fabulous Winter Olympic coverage. What a great way to relax and stay warm at the same time!

The center print is from Kona Modern Quilts by Cynthia Frenette for Robert Kaufman. This method of quilting is sometimes referred to as a “cheater quilt” because the main part of the quilt is not pieced. In my opinion, if the style is fun, and I love the fabric and colors, I really don’t care how many pieces comprise the quilt. I guess I don’t make a very good “quilt snob.” I will admit being a fabric snob though, and this fabric is premium quality!

This quilt turned out SO snuggly with the minky! This is the first one I’ve made and KEPT with a minky backing . . . I have a feeling it won’t be the last!

I love how the patterned fabric has the wonky rectangles that appear to be pieced with white sashing in between the rows, but instead is a “whole cloth” quilt! Finished size is a generous 42″x42″ with rounded corners.

This quilt pattern can take on many different looks depending on your selection of the center print–it was simple enough perhaps I’ll make another if this baby doesn’t get here soon! Due date is less than a week away!!! I washed the finished quilt with a “Shout Color Catcher” and then threw it in the clothes dryer. It came out absolutely snuggly and fun!

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