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If I were to reconstruct my childhood I’m convinced it would be made of 70% paper. Growing up in a family of artists meant reams of paper decorated, adorned, chopped, glued, in other words, put to good use. Paper was the medium for our  “drawing contests” and homemade paper dolls, self-published books, origami, cut out animals, flipbooks, and more.

In this digital age, sometimes paper is viewed as a “curse” (especially when it piles up on my desk!)  but it will always be the most essential element of basic art for me. I still doodle in my spare time. Give me a sheet of cardstock and a good pen and I’m good to go. I do love adding a bit of color digitally after I’ve created a drawing, but the original sketch is my favorite. Paper is the gift that keeps on giving: my kids have learned the art of paper usage and keep our home well adorned with paper goods of all sorts.

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