studiocharm fabric

I love fabric! I am a fabric hoarder collector and have developed a fine taste for high quality quilting cotton and beautiful, tactile, and visually inspiring prints. I love to collect fabric the way I collect paint: a little of this color and a little of that color and I’ll figure out what I’m going to paint/ sew later. My process makes for a great stash to pull from and even better for some fun time sewing. One of my favorite design challenges is to pair different prints from a variety of designers to concoct my own harmonious blend.  I love it when they all play well together!!

I also love to design fabric! Thanks to improvements in printing services and availability I have enjoyed the opportunity of printing my own designs as fabric. I can’t wait to build up my “online fabric stash” at spoonflower and unveil new designs that are in the works. Many of my designs may be currently printed as wallpaper, decals and on a variety of fabrics. My shop carries a variety of whimsical and modern designs.



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