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These Babies

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

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Our family anticipates the arrival of our precious baby girl next month! (How is it already February?)  We are so excited to greet her face to face and soak up her heavenly perfection. One of my most anticipated moments is when my hubby and I get to introduce our newborn to her older siblings. I count myself absolutely blessed to be mother to our SIX babies!

My dear four year old C. in her bedtime prayer a few nights ago said, “and we are thankful to find out the mystery about our baby and what color of hair she will have.” I too am so excited to find out who she is. I have a certain mother’s intuition that she’s amazing and she already brings so much joy to our family. Before our first daughter was born I really thought I would have a lot of input on her personality. Parental lesson number one learned: 1) Babies come “right out of the box” with their own distinct personalities.

As for baby names (we are often asked if we’ve decided on anything) . . . we tend to wait until baby is here to make anything official or announced. I taught junior high for three years before I became a mother, so at least 876  a few names are no longer eligible for consideration. We have a few unique names are in the running, and the kids continue to suggest more “options.” During last night’s Sunday tostada dinner the name “Bean” was suggested. Hhhhhmmmm.

Here are the some of our baby name requirements:

  • First name: we prefer to not use the initials S, A, M, C & C (okay- so we’ve already broken this rule!)
  • We hope she will not spend her entire life pronouncing or spelling her name for people in order to have them know her name (no built in social disadvantages!)
  • We tend to go with two syllable names, but are flexible here.
  • We are really private with our kids’ names (on this blog & fb) because I am paranoid protective like that. You’ll just have to imagine how all of our names fit together if you don’t already know them. 😀
  • I like names that look pretty when written out, and mostly traditional.
  • I prefer to call her by given name, allowing nicknames to develop naturally rather than having a designated nickname from the get go.
  • We try to avoid names that are in the top 50 most popular– I’d rather have a name where nobody specific comes to mind with the name (except for our baby of course!) and 

Just a few requirements . . . no biggy. 😀  You are welcome to add suggestions to the list, just see if you can outdo “Bean.”