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Cobblers and Cobbwebbs

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Earlier this week during our morning carpool run I challenged my kids to find out what type of profession a”cobbler” is. Many guesses were made as to how this job related to our peach cobbler we enjoyed for Sunday’s dessert, perhaps it is someone who cleans up cobbwebbs, etc. I gave another clue that a cobbler is a profession that used to be very much needed but in our day and age it has become pretty rare. My kids were bursting with ideas and laughter but nobody knew the correct answer so I created a bit of a competition as to who could reply to me first with an accurate description of a cobbler.

Later that night, my sweet daughter A. (9 years) ran to me to share her new insight into what  a cobbler does for a living. With this challenge I doubt my kids will ever forget what a real cobbler does, even though they will not likely meet one any time in the near or distant future.20140117-133539.jpg

So I share this story as it relates to my dusty old website–a bit of a cobbler in her own right, long neglected but still useful and sentimental to me. I am finding a new purpose in reviving her old “sole” by attaching new tread, threading new laces and dusting out the corners.  A bit of polish will do her good, and will hopefully be just what I’m looking for as a means of expression and sharing the creative endeavors I continuously delve into. Studiocharm shall be my comfortable, familiar friend with a little more spring in her step for now. Thanks for visiting!

My Baby Girl C. in 2010- I think she could have used a cobbler: (c) tilt photography