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Finding Heart

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

heart garland studiocharm

Today I gathered Valentine colors of felt from my bag of scraps and a few select pieces of beautiful bamboo felt that my friend Melissa generously supplied me with. I cut out various hearts– 1″ tall up to 3″ tall freehand (folding each scrap in half and cutting a symmetrical half heart) and turned them loose in a pile. This project was assisted by my four year old C. and her playgroup buddies who helped to sort and organize the hearts by color, size, etc. When it came time to sew them together, C. stood by my side and supplied me with a random very sophisticated pattern of fuzzy hearts to be linked in a straight stitch in white thread on my sewing machine. I then sewed all of them in one continuous strip from top to bottom and we ended up with about 7′ of garland! We are currently trying it out as a window swag in our living room. We’ll see where it ends up for Valentine’s Day. This was a fun project with kids and was very simple and quick to make.

I also love this scripture- I read it again today and wanted to share it with you. My heart is full.